Workshops Updates for October

Workshops, Painting Parties, and Halloween, oh my!

The wind is blowing a little colder, and the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, gold, and gre…, oh, wait, sorry, orange (had a Culture Club moment there, sorry about that!). All of these can mean only one thing — fall is on the way, Halloween is just around the corner, and therefore, some of our workshops will be fun Halloween themed projects!

workshops - Happy Halloween

I know, I know. Most of you are probably groaning right now and missing the summer sun, the beach, flip flops, and shorts. But for me, The Other Beth (or Beth #2; PHCA members know who I am, I hope 🙂 ), fall has always been and will always be my favorite time of year. Okay, maybe I’m a little biased since my birthday is in October. But, something about the crisp fall air makes me tingle and feel like I can breathe again.

Consequently, the coming of October means a whole new round of workshops are available at PHCA. So, let’s see what they are, shall we?


Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to workshops we go!

I think I’m going out of my…Skull?

Workshop - Sugar Skull A little liberty with the lyrics there, but, I’ve got a theme going here, so bear with me. Miss Beth Connor is super excited to teach our “Sugar Skull” Witches and Wine Painting Event scheduled for October 27, 2017, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., at the PHCA Studio. The sugar skull is commonly associated with the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico to honor deceased relatives. It is a folk art style that is made to be personalized. This workshop is for teens through adults. This is a bring your own beverage (BYOB) event, meaning alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike. Those under 21, of course, are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. Cost is $35.00 and you can enroll and pay here and register here. There are only 17 seats available, so please make sure you register, enroll, and pay no later than October 13, 2017 to reserve a seat.

They call it Mellow…Yoga.

Workshop - Yoga Nidra So, maybe I took a little liberty with those lyrics too. But if you’re looking to de-stress before the Halloween Havoc begins, this is the workshop for you. Teen/Adult 90 Minute Restorative Yoga/Meditation, taught by the wonderful Georgia Bone is 90 minutes of meditation and Restorative Yoga. This is a practice using supported poses to relax on multiple levels to release tension and tap into our body’s natural healing abilities. Furthermore, Restorative Yoga is a gentle practice that creates the conditions for the student to access their wisdom physically, emotionally, and mentally. We live in a body that has an amazing system to find the path to health and happiness. Cost for this workshop is $10.00 and there are only 15 spots available, so enroll today.

And now, for my favorite part…



Workshop - Halloween ExtravaganzaMaybe I’m a little excited about our Halloween events, but trust me, they are very exciting stuff!

First, we’ve got the awesome, exciting Halloween Extravaganza! Scheduled for October 22, 2017, from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the JCC Day Camp in Dallas, PA, it’s the second PHCA Halloween costume party and performance, which we hope is as successful as last year’s. All students should be in costume. And dancers, please remember to wear something that’s easy to move in. The schedule is as follows:

3:30-4:30 – A Halloween craft, face painting by the lovely Tara Hartenfels, a scavenger hunt led by the awesome Jeremy Connor, as well as playground play

4:30-5:00 – food will be served

5:00-6:30 – Performances by students and staff

6:30-7:30 – a bonfire and toasting marshmallows (weather permitting)

Hence, you don’t want to miss it! Tickets will be on sale at the Studio on October 10th, and will be $10.00 for those 12 and up, $7.00 for those 4 to 11, and kids 3 and under, as well as performers are FREE!

Trick or treat, smell my feet…

Workshop - Trunk or Treat And you’ll get something good to eat at the Second Annual Kingston Police Department Trunk or Treat. It’s being held on Saturday, October 28th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. This free event will take place in the Hourigan, Kluger and Quinn parking lot at 600 Third Avenue in Kingston. PHCA will be there with a trunk full of treats! Come out and join us and bring your friends and family! They had about 1500 kids last year and are aiming to have even more this year. So, come out and join us and help them exceed their goal for this fun and safe family event. And hey, who doesn’t love candy, right? RIGHT?


That was a lot of information, huh? While I could go on and on about our workshops and events, I’ll end things here. Don’t worry, I’ll be back next month with information about our workshops and events for November. Also, keep an eye out for more blog posts in the future. For now, though, I will bid you all farewell, and I look forward to seeing some of you on Tuesday night when I’ll be back behind the desk! Until then,

Love and Harmony,
Beth Irving (The Other Beth; Beth #2; One-Half of Beth Squared)