about - the Connors

About Us

Meet the Connor family – Anna, Jeremy, Emelia, and Beth. We are the family behind the Perfect Harmony Center for the Arts. Our idea came about from our extensive backgrounds in the performing and visual arts and education. Every year, more and more arts programs are cut from schools, but we know just how important creativity is. We wanted to create a family- and community-based facility where all of your performing and visual arts needs can be met, all under one roof.



Who We Are

THE PERFECT HARMONY CENTER FOR THE ARTS (PHCA) is an environment that allows students of all ages the opportunity to explore the arts and develop their individual talents that will serve to enrich their experiences throughout their lives. At PHCA, we believe that every student should have the opportunity to receive quality education in music, dance, theater, and the visual arts. Knowledge and skills in all are vital elements in producing a well-rounded education for our children. After all, the performing and visual arts are both languages understood worldwide.

The goal of PHCA is that one can enjoy all the arts under one roof. We offer group classes, private lessons, theater performances, concerts, and cultural activities. We are dedicated to keeping the flow of imagination, creativity, and expression flourishing.

PHCA provides a non-competitive atmosphere where students are able to study all types of music and dance, or concentrate on the visual arts. Students of all ages and levels from the preschool beginner, advanced adolescent through adult can receive quality professional instruction and interact with other musicians, dancers, actors, and artists.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help individual students express their internal spirit through participation in the performing and visual arts. PHCA is a safe and supportive environment; a place where students can learn skills, gain confidence, and build a community of like-minded people.