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Requests for Solo Lessons

PHCA offers individual solo lessons in the areas of voice, drums, piano, flute, violin, viola, guitar, ukulele, and music therapy throughout the week. This page makes it easy to request a date and time for solo lessons. Lessons are scheduled based on each teacher’s availability. Once your request is made, you will be contacted to either confirm your lesson request or to discuss alternate times. Each teacher does their best to accommodate everyone’s schedule. When registering, please be sure to provide an email address that you check regularly and, if possible, a mobile number where you can easily be reached.

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Each teacher has their own minimum age for lessons that he or she will discuss with you when scheduling lesson times. Once a lesson time has been agreed upon, you can go to our payment page to pay for your solo lessons. You can choose to pay on a weekly basis, in packs of 4, or as a recurring contract payment plan. You can also pay for solo lessons at the Studio at your first lesson. See one of our front desk staff to discuss the payment options in detail.

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You can visit this page to find descriptions of the various solo lessons offered. There you can find information about age requirements for each type of lesson. There are also general lists of books and supplies that students must bring to each lesson. Each teacher will give you a list of specific lesson books he or she requires for his or her classes. These books must be purchased by you as soon as possible in order to be prepared for the following week’s lesson. Lesson or song books other than those required by the teacher will be reviewed and discussed. It is up to the teacher to decide if he or she will include such books in the lesson plan for each student. Solo students will have several opportunities to perform at recitals and other community events throughout the year. Students are encouraged to participate to their level of comfort.

All of our teachers are eager to help you attain your goals, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Don’t forget to download our PHCA App to access your class schedule and other features via your mobile phone!


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