Studio Policies

Revised August 2017


There are two ways to pay for classes:

  • Pay in full per session – Class cost is generally less expensive if you pay for the entire session up front. Payment is due on or before the first class of the session.
  • Monthly – Payment will be due on or before your first class of the session and then due the first class of each month thereafter until the session ends.

Fees and Registration

  • Beginning September 2017, all students attending classes will pay an annual membership fee of $20.00 per year. A year at PHCA runs from September to August (for example, September 2017 through August 2018; September 2018 through August 2019; etc.). This membership fee will be charged at the time of enrollment, and will expire in August of that year. For example, if you begin classes in January 2018, the membership fee will be charged at the time of enrollment and will expire in August 2018. You will then be charged an annual membership fee in September 2018 for the next year.
  • There will be a $25.00 fee applied for all returned checks.


  • If a class is cancelled because of inclement weather or because the teacher needs to cancel class for personal reasons, a make up class and/or lesson will be issued. There will not be a make up class for make up classes.
  • The studio will post on our Facebook page by 3:00 p.m. if the studio is closed due to inclement weather. Please check before coming to class.
  • Consistent class participation is very important. If a student is sick for his/her lesson and cannot make it, he/she will be given ONE “sick credit” towards his/her next session. Credits will only be given due to sickness and ONLY ONE credit pass will be issued per session. In order to qualify for the “sick credit” the student (or parent of the student if under 18) must call and leave a message at the studio 570-714-ARTS by 2:30 p.m., or 9:00 a.m., if it is a Saturday class. No call – No credit.
  • Multiple missed classes: If a student misses more than one class per session because of sickness, no credit will be given for those classes additionally missed. If a student misses three or more classes per session, they will not be permitted to perform in the shows provided during that session.

Class Requirements:

  • EVERY VOCAL class (solo and/or group): ALL students should bring a flash drive (to download group/solo songs), a binder, and a pencil for ages 6 and up.
  • GROUP VOICE class only: Music should be memorized for “Mini-Master Class”.
  • EVERY PIANO class: ALL students should bring a binder, pencil, and lesson books.
  • EVERY GUITAR class: ALL students should bring their guitar and any lesson notes.
  • EVERY FLUTE class: ALL students should bring their flute and any lesson books.
  • EVERY DRUM class: ALL students should bring their drum sticks and lesson materials.
  • EVERY VIOLIN AND VIOLA class: ALL students should bring their violin and/or viola and lesson materials.
  • EVERY DANCE class: ALL students should be dressed in dance attire wearing leotards and tights. Students should have all of their dance shoes in a bag and for the following classes should have: Pink ballet shoes for ballet, tap shoes for tap and black jazz shoes or jazz boots for jazz and hip hop. Hair should be secured and out of the face.
  • EVERY THEATER class: ALL students should keep all of their material in a binder and bring that binder to class with them each week. They should also have some paper and a pen/pencil for taking notes.
  • EVERY ART class: All materials are included for the art classes. Personal sketch pads are optional. Every once in awhile, the students may need to provide particular art materials such as canvases, specialty papers, etc. as directed by their instructor. The instructor or program director will be in touch before the class of the session to let you know what is required. Art students should always keep in mind works that they can be working on for upcoming art shows we have in December, June, and August.

Studio Performances/Art Shows

  • All members of the studio who are participating in art classes are expected and strongly encouraged to show two to three art pieces at our formal art shows.
  • All members of the studio are required to perform at studio events/performances. Please let your instructor know as soon as possible if you cannot attend an event.
  • Students are responsible for their own costumes/attire.
  • There are generally three formal recitals/art shows per year. There are also several community type shows scheduled throughout the year as well.
  • Singing/Instrument Performance Dress Policy – Performance Professional NO JEANS – NO SHORTS. I encourage all of you to go out now and buy yourselves appropriate performance attire for each season so you have at least one outfit to wear at performances. You will not be permitted onstage if you are not dressed appropriately.
  • Singing Group Members – We often try to agree on a common theme/color for the group members to wear so they look like a defined group.
  • Dance/Theater Performance Dress Policy – The teacher instructor will let you know what will be required to wear at performances.

Song Purchases

  • If I need to download the song, there is a fee. Fees are due A.S.A.P. Here is a list of the fees:
    • $1.00-$2.00 per download and transfer to flash drive depending on the song.

Cell Phone Usage

  • Dance/Theater/Group Vocal Classes and Solo Instruments – The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited.
  • Solo Voice – Cell phones may be used to look up lyrics and/or record lessons. Please turn off notifications of messages before class begins and if you aren’t using it for the above reason, please keep it put away.
  • Art Class – Students may listen to music using headphones, but this is at the discretion of the instructor.

Food/Drink Policy

  • No food/drink (except water) will be allowed in the individual classrooms. Water containers must have a secure lid in place to bring them into the classrooms. Please keep all drinking and eating restricted to the lobby and discard of your waste appropriately. We at PHCA want to do our part in making the world a better place and we encourage you to please use the recycling bins (please rinse first) and trash containers appropriately.
  • No Gum!!!


  • No street shoes are permitted on the dance floor as dirt, rainwater, grime, and winter salt can cause the Marley flooring to erode.
  • Children under the age of 8 should not be left unattended in the waiting area. Children should be picked up promptly after their classes. If there is an emergency, contact the front desk at 570-714-ARTS. If your child must wait for you, please let the receptionist or instructor know and provide your child with an activity and/or snack to ease your child’s anxiety.
  • Please use the garbage can provided in the waiting area for disposing of food items. Please note, we do recycle plastics, glass, cans, and paper in separate receptacles.
  • If food is spilled, please use paper towels from the bathrooms or clean rags available at the front desk to help us reduce stains. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate create terrible stains. We spent countless hours making this place beautiful. Please help keep it that way.
  • Keeping an open communication with our PHCA families is very important to us. Each instructor should have his/her own way of communicating thoroughly with his/her students and families. Be sure to check the bulletin boards in the lobby and hallway often for studio updates and announcements.